January of 2019 was so good to me in the book department. Here are a list of books I read along with some of my thoughts. Please note that an asterisk symbolizes my top pick for the month. I will rank my top monthly picks at the end of the year!

Sisters First by Jenna Bush Hager & Barbara Pierce Bush

This delightful, quick read by the Bush twins gave me all of the feels. Their sisterly bond reminds me of my sister and me. I hope that my daughters share the same zest for life and love for each other that these women do. Their story made me sympathize with the fact that they grew up as young women in the political spotlight. I certainly would not have wanted cameras in my face between the ages of 19-27–woof. Also, George W. and Laura Bush seem like awesome parents. There’s a moment Jenna recalls about her ending up in the paper regarding underage drinking and instead of berating her, the President of the United States chose to apologize because she didn’t ask to be under a microscope, that was on him. Solid parenting there, Bush family.

It was interesting to read their perspectives since they come from a place of privilege in most senses of the word and yet their writing was still very much accessible and inspiring. Read this if you are as obsessed with political dynasties and sisterhood, like yours truly 🙂

Love Does by Bob Goff

What can I say? This guy rocks! Although I am partial to his sophomore book, Everybody Always, I still found myself intrigued by Bob’s storytelling. Bob so loves Jesus and people–it’s contagious!

My biggest takeaway? “I’m with you!” What would life be like if we were “with” each other in every sense of the word? I think it would be a lot more like heaven and I am here for it. Read this book if you are looking for radical ways to get inspired and think outside of the box in terms of living a meaningful life.

Hunger by Roxane Gay*

Everyone needs to read this book. Stop reading what you are reading and purchase or check out this memoir today. Gay’s perspective as a super morbidly obese woman is not only needed, but I think it is crucial to unpack how we as humans look at the body, especially in our culture today. Her writing is captivating, relatable, and riddled with so many lessons only a literary master like her can deliver.

**Warning: topics of sexual assault and addiction are woven throughout the book.** As a fellow survivor I did not have too many issues reading this book, but wanted to say something out of respect for my friends that might not want to dive deeply into this topic at this time. Again, I cannot recommend this book enough. We all have work to do in terms of how we think and speak of other people’s bodies–including our own.

The Great Divorce by CS Lewis

How is this only the second CS Lewis book I’ve read? No matter. I now have a goal of reading everything he has ever written. This fictional tale about a journey featuring a bus ride from heaven to hell has so many layers and rich commentary on the human spiritual condition. I feel like I should read it at least ten more times and could do so since it’s a quick read.

There is so much goodness here it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it so great. My greatest advice to you: read it in your head with a British accent and it will make it that much more enjoyable!

Up next for February: Becoming by Michelle Obama, I Hate You Don’t–Leave Me: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder by Hal Straus and Jerold Jay Kreisman, and Under A Flaming Sky: The Great Hinckley Firestorm of 1894 by Daniel James Brown. 

2 thoughts on “January reads and opinions and stuff.

  1. Speaking of great parents in the White House, I just read Becoming. My mom is pretty great, but I wouldn’t have minded Michelle as mine.

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