Our names linked together for eternity.

Our lives intertwined for one third of your nine decades.

Nine decades on earth. And yet your soul encompasses centuries.

I made you a book of life with your grandchildren. You loved it. The book reminded me of your unyielding constancy and presence.

You, a woman raised through war, poverty, and trauma…

You, a woman confined by the patriarchy…

You, a woman thriving in an unfamiliar country…

Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine your grandchildren pursuing their aspirations? Choosing their paths by way of passion instead of obligation? Breaking cycles of poverty, violence, and inequity?

The joy on your face during graduations, plays, and ceremonies paints the picture of your witnessing something spectacular. Something you longed for which came to fruition…

We made it because of your tenacity and perseverance. We made it because you took care of us since birth. We made it because of your unwavering support.

I will carry our name with poise, integrity, and ferocity in honor of you. Happy Birthday, Grandma. Ti amo.

Grandma and me-1988

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