“She Will Be Loved”–can’t you tell Brian is playing guitar just for me as I serenade him with my alto-ness?

Music. The very first thing that brought us together. The thing we continue to make as we grow together in spiritual, physical, and emotional love. Mashups of “Call Me Maybe” & “Payphone.” Originals written together, originals written just for me. The thing which makes my heart beat almost as quickly as the sight of him…music. Our treasure within our treasured relationship.

We were 21 when we got married…I think that explains this embarrassingly funny picture enough.

Laughter. The core of who we are. Whether serious, joyful, casual–this is where we choose to live. Marriage brings a myriad of challenges and issues. We faced and continue to face so many of them. And, yet, we laugh. He keeps me laughing with his quick wit. His smile. His hand holding mine while we cackle at the TV with one another.

Our bridal party. Sweaty, but smiling.

People. He loves people the way Jesus loves them. He gives the benefit of the doubt so much more easily than I. He teaches me how to love well. How to listen better. How to form deep, non-superficial connections. He knows whom to trust and judges character with poise and empathy. His heart for others unmatched in his professional and personal life. His tenderness towards the vulnerable inspires confidence in all who know him.

Engagement photos by our incredibly talented brother-in-law, Mike Ashley.

My heart. This man treats me like a queen. He is more than I deserve and I know it. His work ethic. His consistency. His kindness. He affirms me, encourages me, makes me feel like I can do anything. He is my heart walking around outside of my body. Some people say this about their children, but for me, it’s him. He is, quite literally, a part of me and I in him. He is my heartbeat, my strength, my love.

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