Dear Ruth, Ila, and Jane,

A mentor of mine suggested I document moments when I saw your character as kids because I will begin to see signs of what you might be like as an adult. Today I want to recognize each of you for who you are at this moment in time:


My sweet RuRu with a heart of gold. You are constantly concerned about everyone’s well being–and I mean everyone. Last week when we went on our Target date, I mentioned there was a a firetruck and ambulance driving down the street and you said, “aw, those poor people. Can we pray for them?” And then you asked God to keep everyone safe. I can only imagine the sort of impact you will make on others people’s lives. You are already showing us how you will impact people by the way you light up a room. Whatever you do, your heart will take you far, my love. I pray you never lose your childlike spirit and faith. You are beautiful and beloved, precious girl.


LaLa girl, what to say about your beautiful soul? Your imagination is vivid. You speak your mind and have a heart for justice. You are already standing up for people. You are my includer. You always ask others to play and join in the fun when there’s fun to be had. You make it possible for everybody to have a seat at the table at school, church, and home. Watching you interact with others is a joy. I notice other kids flock to you because of your genuine spirit and your compassion. I pray you never lose your sense of advocacy and will always pursue God’s heart for justice. You are lovely and cherished, sweet girl.


Janiekins, you rock our worlds. You are spunky, fierce, and the life of the party. Whenever you see your sisters without their special fluffies, you notice and make sure they feel safe and secure by bringing them their most treasured items. You do this everyday. You already check on your sisters or another child when they are hurt to pat them on the hand and comfort them when they feel sad. You are our empath, our entertainer. You have already charged the stage at church multiple times and I can already tell you are going to have a lot to say. I pray you never lose your voice and zest for life. You are life-giving and joy-filling, baby girl.

Girls, the world will try to tell you many things about who they think you are. Some of them true, some of them lies. Believe God and who he says you are–cherished, beloved, treasured image bearers. I leave you now with what I say to you nightly:

Ruth, Ila, Jane, you are made in the image of God. God loves you, dad loves you, so do I. Thank you for being my daughters. I am SO glad I’m your mommy.

With Love,


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